11 Best Amazon SEO Tools To Increase Your Online Sales in 2024

Best Amazon SEO Tools

In the competitive world of e-commerce, optimizing your presence on Amazon is crucial for success. With millions of products available on the platform, standing out can be challenging. However, with the right Amazon SEO tools, sellers can enhance their visibility, improve rankings, and ultimately drive more sales.

Introduction to Amazon SEO Tools

Amazon SEO tools are software solutions designed to help sellers optimize their product listings, improve visibility, and increase sales on the Amazon marketplace. Numerous features and functionality catered to the unique requirements of Amazon sellers are provided by these tools.

Amazon SEO Tools Are Crucial for Sellers

Amazon SEO Tools solutions are essential for helping merchants navigate the complexities of the Amazon marketplace.

Best Amazon SEO Tools

  1. Sellozo
  2. Trellis
  3. Helium 10
  4. AMZ Scout
  5. Keyword Tool for Amazon
  6. Sonar – Free Amazon Keyword Tool
  7. Jungle Scout
  8. AMZ Tracker
  9. Analytic Index
  10. Data Hawk
  11. Seller Tools


11 Best Amazon SEO Tools To Increase Your Online Sales in 2024

Sellozo distinguishes itself in the very competitive Amazon SEO market with its AI-powered suite. At its core, keyword optimization is redefined by its groundbreaking AI technology. With AI-powered keyword research and accurate bid automation, it streamlines Amazon SEO and relieves you of human labor. Sellozo optimizes the Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) and improves ad performance by turning on automated bidding. Because of its precision, advertising expenses result in increased earnings and revenue.

Sellozo is a Amazon SEO Tool gives users access to renowned Amazon SEO specialists, whose knowledge is supported by strong case studies. One such example is Commerce Canal, where PPC sales increased by over 56%, overall sales increased by 61%, and millions of bid changes and fresh keyword discoveries were made in a matter of months.


11 Best Amazon SEO Tools To Increase Your Online Sales in 2024

Trellis Corporation is an ally of yours in Amazon SEO, offering a comprehensive toolkit for competitive analysis, keyword research, and search engine optimization. Trellis is a great tool for bid optimization, finding hidden opportunities, and keyword harvesting—all of which increase return on ad spend (ROAS).

Trellis’s AI-driven content optimization improves conversion likelihood, decreases bounce rates, and boosts return on investment. Product listing optimization is made simpler by the tool, which is crucial for effective SEO. A case study including Luxe Weavers illustrates the impact of Trellis, showing a 450% increase in sales, a 38% increase in ROAS, and a 72% improvement in return on item expenditure.

Helium 10

Best Amazon SEO Tools

For listing optimization, operations, analytics, marketing, and product and keyword research, Helium 10 offers a variety of tools. The best tools for Amazon SEO are their keyword research tools, Cerebro, Magnet, and Misspellinator,  their listing optimization tools, Frankenstein, Scribbles, Index Checker, and Listing Analyzer; and their Portals landing page builder. Furthermore, Helium 10 provides a free tool for researching Amazon keywords.

You start by entering a seed term or ASIN into Helium 10’s Best Amazon SEO Tool. Using a reverse ASIN search, the tool will provide you with hundreds of relevant and competitive search phrases to enhance your listing or uncover the keyword strategy of your rivals.

AMZ Scout

Best Amazon SEO Tools

AMZScout offers a variety of tools for researching Amazon products. They assert that everything you need to locate and introduce products, make listings, monitor performance, and much more is included in their Full plan. You have the ability to surveil your rivals by keeping an eye on their inventory levels, price, sales, and usage of keywords.

All the keywords required to create a visually appealing product listing and manage a PPC campaign are provided by AMZScout keyword tools. A PPC campaign combined with a flawless listing will help you rank well in Amazon’s search results and increase sales by 400%.

Keyword Tool for Amazon

Best Amazon SEO Tools

This is a utility that performs exactly as advertised. For the aim of optimizing your Amazon listing keywords or for other reasons, Keyword Tool generates a large number of pertinent keywords using Amazon autocomplete, often known as the search suggestion tool. It may make it easier for customers to find your stuff.

The program is available for free or in premium version (Keyword program Pro). When comparing the free and Pro versions, the Pro edition offers twice as many Amazon keywords on average. In order to facilitate and expedite your keyword research process, it also grants you access to additional helpful tools.

Sonar – Free Amazon Keyword Tool

Best Amazon SEO Tools

Sonar – Free Amazon keyword tool is Best Amazon SEO Tool. It assists agencies, vendors, and sellers on Amazon in locating all pertinent keywords for their companies, boosting the visibility of product listings, and enhancing SEO for Amazon. It chooses from over 180 million terms that actual Amazon customers have created in a variety of languages. The tool only displays terms that, as of the most recent database update, have the ASIN appearing on the first page of Amazon search results.

Using a reverse ASIN query, the Sonar Amazon keyword tool may also find and monitor the keywords of competitors.

Jungle Scout

Best Amazon SEO Tools

An all-in-one platform for Amazon sales is called Jungle Scout. Recently, they added Downstream to their lineup, which tracks, controls, and increases the visibility of your Amazon advertisements with “Amazon Product SEO”

The main Jungle Scout tool allows you to find out what products are popular, what keywords will increase sales, how to automate inventory control and seek reviews, among other things. Verify product ideas instantly while browsing Amazon. With just one click, assess new prospects, project product sales, and submit review requests.

AMZ Tracker

Best Amazon SEO Tools

With AMZ Tracker’s keyword tracking tool, you can quickly see where your products are ranking for their respective keywords. Keep an eye on the products of your rivals to determine when they implement a successful modification. What’s lowering your conversion rate can be easily found and fixed. By using the Super URL tool to drive traffic to your listing from outside of Amazon, you can also improve your ranks.

Deepwords is a long-tail keyword search engine for Amazon merchants that is available to AMZ Tracker members. Discover extremely profitable keywords that are overlooked by conventional keyword programs. Upon accessing an Amazon search page, you can check many metrics such as revenue, number of reviews, listing quality, number of sellers, and much more by opening their Unicorn Smasher Chrome addon.

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Analytic Index

Best Amazon SEO Tools

Analytic Index is a helpful tool for market research that provides relevant data about the Amazon marketplace.  Although its primary purpose is not search engine optimization, its market research capabilities can help guide optimization choices and raise search engine ranks. Offering vendors an all-encompassing perspective of the market and competitors, it furnishes information on sales, reviews, keywords, and additional aspects.

It is typically utilized by enterprise-level brands and is thought of as a high-end tool. For smaller sellers, Analytic Index is a less viable alternative because it is far more expensive to use than other Amazon SEO solutions. Nevertheless, larger firms hoping to obtain a competitive advantage in the Amazon marketplace should give it some thought due to the comprehensiveness and precision of its market research data.

Data Hawk

Best Amazon SEO Tools

An Amazon SEO tool called DataHawk offers detailed keyword and ranking tracking and analysis. DataHawk’s visuals, which enable retailers to easily view their keyword positions over time, are among its best features. These graphics facilitate the identification of trends and patterns and aid sellers in understanding how their rankings are shifting.

The DataHawk study is well known for being comprehensive and accurate, providing merchants with valuable insights regarding the efficacy of their Amazon sales.  On the other hand, some users have noted that DataHawk can be more expensive to use than other Amazon SEO products. Many vendors discover that the advantages of using DataHawk’s tracking and analysis outweigh the price.

Seller Tools

Best Amazon SEO Tools

An Best Amazon SEO tool called Seller.Tools was created to assist sellers in enhancing their search engine optimization and boosting sales. Seller.Tools’ free tier, which provides a number of useful tools and services at no cost, is one of its most notable characteristics.

Additionally, Seller.Tools provides a well-respected Chrome extension that facilitates merchants’ use of the most recent Amazon product research reports. Real-time insights into Amazon product search results are intended to be provided by the plugin, which also aims to facilitate performance tracking and listing optimization for sellers. Users like the Chrome addon because it’s simple to use and offers high-quality data.


In the competitive world of Amazon eCommerce, using the right SEO tools can help you rank better for your products and improve sales.

The top 11 Amazon SEO tools are discussed in this blog post provide a complete solution to assist with competitor analysis, product review management, keyword research, listing optimization, and ranking tracking.

You can optimize your return on investment and maintain a competitive edge by utilizing these tools and adhering to best practices.

There is an Amazon SEO tool to suit any budget, offering a range of capabilities and price points. With Eva, you can start raising your ranks right now and benefit from more visibility on Amazon.

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